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September 23, 2016


News from Andy's Desk!


Dear Travel Partners,


I hope everyone is well.  We are looking forward to entering the last quarter of the year.


November 11th marks our 5-Year Anniversary of the Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Program.  Presently, we have close to 2,900 certified agents.  Please help us in our race to 3,000.  We are seeking to reach our goal by the upcoming anniversary date.


Having just returned from a successful Co-Nexion Conference in San Diego, we are on the road again next week. Special Needs Group will be at ASTA Global Convention in Reno, Nevada from September 25th-28th.  If attending, make sure to stop by and visit us at Booth 16. 


We are pleased to be your partner and truly appreciate your continued support as we expand in Delivering an Accessible World.




August 30, 2016
Travel Agent Newsletter August 2016


August 30, 2016


News from Andy's Desk!


Dear Travel Partners,

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer.  As we look forward to our 5th Year Anniversary of our Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Program, our goal of reaching 3,000 is definitely a reachable goal.  Presently, the over 2,800 travel professionals registered with SNG are 140% more productive than those who are not registered.  Please find more detailed information regarding the program and registering in the “CATA Corner” below.


Special Needs Group will be present at the ASTA Global Convention at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada.  The annual event provides in-depth, interactive training for all facets of the industry as well as educating travel agents in how to develop and grow their businesses.  In addition to taking part in the ASTA program from September 25th – 28th, please take a look at our schedule within the newsletter to see our upcoming events and webinars. 


Please check our website (www.specialneedsgroup.com/agents) periodically for updates and any special promotions.


We are extremely grateful for your continued support as we evolve in delivering an accessible world.


Keep Smilin',


Andrew J. Garnett, CATA