Events of the 2012 Paralympics

Few things are more inspiring than the dedication of an Olympic athlete. Every four years, we are reminded of the heart, the hope and the home team pride that goes into qualifying, training, and performing on the world stage. As we watch from the stands or from the comfort of our homes, it is almost impossible to avoid getting pulled into the action… Who hasn’t found themselves unexpectedly cheering out loud at one of those “hundredth of a second” wins?


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Arguably, even more inspirational, the 2012 Paralympic athletes prove that a disability does not hinder athletic dreams. In honor of the 2012 Paralympic Games, which will take place in London from August 29 - September 9, we’ve compiled a list of the events that will take place this year.
Traveling to the Paralympic Games? Be sure to check out our previous blog entry on travel to the Olympics/Paralympics here, and a run down of some of the most famous special needs athletes here. For your special needs travel equipment rentals, be sure to visit us at
The Paralympic Games this year are posed to be the most watched Paralympics ever, with a record-breaking collection of Rights Holding Broadcasters planning to screen the Games all over the world. Be sure to check your local listings for coverage. We hope you’ll tune in!
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Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” –Napoleon Hill
August 6, 2012


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