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Optum Align Mattress

Don't let Acid Reflux keep you from enjoying a luxury vacation!


Finding a comfortable solution for your sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  To enjoy this comfort while on vacation is priceless! 

The comfortable Optum-Align Mattress is an ergonomic mattress that keeps your upper body elevated, so you can sleep well and can fully enjoy your vacation.

The Portable Mattress Solution

The Optum-Align Mattress inflates in seconds and can be placed on any existing bed. An ideal solution for the best sleep possible while on vacation!

Available for delivery to cruises and hotels!  



If you're one of the millions of people with acid reflux, who would love to take a luxury cruise or vacation, but need to sleep with your upper body elevated, we now have the perfect solution - the Optum-Align Mattress.
The Optum-Align Mattress was developed by a physician and meets the American College of Gastroenterology's recommendation for people with acid reflux to sleep with their upper body elevated. The Optum-Align Mattress puts you in the ideal position to get the comfortable sound sleep you need.
The Optum-Align Mattress also works wonders for anyone who wake-up with a sore back.  Because of its configuration, this ergonomic mattress puts the back muscles in a relaxed position during sleep, eliminating early morning back stiffness.
Call us at 954.585.0575 or 800.593.4515 to rent the Optum-Align Mattress for your next vacation!
Optum-Align Mattress
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