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As the leader in worldwide mobility assist devices for disabled travelers and special needs equipment rentals, Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea strives to make travel accessible to everyone, and our prices reflect that commitment. We take advantage of efficiencies in our huge fleet of equipment, and work with cruise lines, hotels, and convention centers to make the process of renting mobility assist devices more streamlined so we can pass the cost savings on to you.  
Damage Waivers
One of the many things that sets Special Needs at Sea prices apart from the competition is damage and theft waivers. Special Needs Group does not charge you extra - our up front pricing already includes that protection in our quote!* 


How are Special Needs at Sea Prices Determined?

Our pricing for rental equipment is based on the following factors:
1.    Equipment type

2.    Duration of rental

3.    Embark port / delivery city

4.    Debark port / pick-up city

Equipment Type
Aside from the most common types of mobility assist devices such as scooters, wheelchairs, power chairs (supporting more than 500 lbs), Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea also carries oxygen (liquid, cylinder, and concentrator), specialized mobility equipment, hearing impaired equipment, baby cribs, patient lifts, hospital beds and more! For Special Needs at Sea prices on mobility assist devices, book online now.  For other specialized items, call one of our reservation specialists toll free at 800-513-4515.
Duration of Rental
Special Needs can accommodate your equipment needs for just one day or for your dream year long around the world cruise.  
Embark Port / Delivery City
Special Needs Group has provided services in 215 cities in 68 countries around the world, and our network grows every day. The Special Needs at Sea prices for maintaining and delivering mobility aids and other equipment varies from city to city, but rest assured, we can accommodate your needs!
Debark Port / Pick-Up City
We deliver and pick-up roundtrip from the same city and we can also accommodate one- way travel such as from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles.  Our reach across 5 continents means Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea is the company to trust with your equipment needs for your once in a lifetime vacation experience.
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*to be granted the theft protection waiver, renter must immediately file a police report in the event of theft of equipment and provide such documentation.