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Woman in Wheelchair in front of Ruins During Land Tour

$$$ 20% Commission Promotion EXTENDED $$$

Travel Advisors will receive 20% commission for all bookings placed during the month of March regardless of Travel Date.

Promotion expires March 31st.

You will earn 20% Commission on ALL bookings made during the month of March regardless of Travel Date.

We are truly your partner.

No NCFs, No Carve-Outs, No Caps

$$$ Commission is paid on the total rental price $$$

Bookings can be placed online or via our Call Center at 954.585.0575/800.513.4515.

Advisors must be registered with Special Needs Group in order to be linked to the booking and receive commission.

*When placing orders online, please ensure to log-in with your credentials prior to placing booking for your client(s).

Pricing is inclusive of damage/loss insurance (which can cost up to $15 daily).
One Way Fees, and Hotel Delivery/Pick-Up Fees Included in Commission.

Global Service – 215 Metropolitan Areas & 68 Countries

* Cruises

* Pre-/Post-Cruise at Hotels/Resorts

* Land-based Destination Vacations

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