The Get Onboard and Catch the Wave Online Booking Promotion - CP Exclusive



Book your clients Special Needs equipment online by March 31st to be entered into a raffle for a $500 American Express gift card!  The more bookings you make, the better your chance to win. And for an extra chance per booking, make sure you are an SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate. SNG CATA agents will receive two entries for every booking you make! 

Special Needs Group will raffle an additional $100 AMEX Gift Card only among Cruise Planners agents.  Same criteria as above, we will first pull the name for the $500 gift card amongst all agents then isolate the Cruise Planners agents to pull a second name guaranteeing that a Cruise Planner agent will win at least a $100 AMEX gift card.

Not SNG CATA yet? Make sure to complete the certification by March 31st and you will get the two entries per order!

No need to track.  Be sure to log in to make the reservation so that we can track it.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017!

*All travel agent online bookings between 1/10/2017 and 3/31/2017.  Each travel agent will have an entry into the raffle for each online order placed.  SNG CATA agents will receive two entries per online order. Must be a SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate by March 31st, 2017 to receive the additional entry per order.  Only one $500 gift card winner from among all travel agents and one $100 gift card from Cruise Planner agents.


Cruise Planners Marketing Newsletter - March 2017