Equipment Section


Manual Patient Lift

Special Needs Group is please to rent Manual 6-Point Lifts to guests sailing out of domestic ports throughout the U.S. as well as those staying at hotels pre- and post-cruise to assist with their special needs.  The Manual Lift is delivered, as is our mobility equipment, directly to the stateroom on the ship for the passenger or to the Concierge/Front Desk of the hotel where the guest is staying.  We do require the individual to bring his/her own chains and sling for the lift.  Internationally, depening upon the given port-of-call or city, the Manual Lifts are limited in avialability.


























Electric Patient Lift

In select locations, Miami, New York and Seattle to name a few, SNG does rent Electric Patient Lifts.  The Electric Lifts require the unit to be charged each evening; it is suggested that the lift be charged for six hours each night, so that the equipment has the capability of assisting the guest in the morning for his/her needs and througout the day.  Electric Patient Lifts are very limited in availability.


For more information regarding the Manual 6-Point Lifts and Electric Patient Lifts, please contact us 800-513-4515 and 954-585-0575.





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