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Soothie° Cushion Information


Soothie° Cushion Information

Soothie° Cushion can be used to regulate multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis patients’ body temperature. In addition, it is utilized for overall wheelchair comfort, and to help relieve the pain of sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, sports injuriesmigraines and more. 

Soothie° Cushion assists in the prescription free pain alleviation lifestyle and we determined to spread the word about this new kind of temperature-driven therapy.

Find out how Soothie° Cushion can help:

Multiple Sclerosis/Myasthenia Gravis:  Studies have shown that cooling in patients with MG shows promise to decrease symptoms of weakness and fatigue, thus allowing increased muscle strength and endurance in some patients.  Use the cold therapy side of Soothie to provide relief.

Overall Wheelchair/Scooter Comfort:  Use Soothie as a back cushion strapped around your chair or scooter to provide lumbar support.

Sciatica:  Use the hot side of Soothie to help alleviate sciatica pain.  The added layers help keep the temperature from being too hot to provide maximum comfort and relief.

Scoliosis:  Both the hot and cold therapeutic applications of Soothie can temporarily mitigate the pain from scoliosis.  Wear Soothie like a backpack using the included straps for best results.

Arthritis:  Soothie can be wrapped around a knee, shoulder, back, or other affected area to give direct relief to aching joints.  You can use the warm side to loosen painful muscles aches and the cold side to reduce inflammation.

Fibromyalgia:  Using heat can ease the muscle stiffness and soreness associated with fibromyalgia, while using cold can reduce or alleviate the deep muscle pain that can occur.  With Soothie, you can both conveniently in one product.

Muscular Dystrophy:  Regulating the body’s temperature is an important aspect in living with muscular dystrophy.  The Soothie Cushion provides both heat and cold relief easily and expediently, making this concern much simpler to handle.

Sports Injuries:  Soothie Cushion is uniquely designed to be able to wrap around various areas of the body to localize the heat and cold therapy needed to assist in relief of pain.  Using the included straps, you can use Soothie to comfort your back, shoulder, knees, ankles, and just about everywhere else.

Migraines:  Migraine sufferers experience blinding pain that can be debilitating.  Soothie Cushion can provide the much-needed cooling relief required by most people affected with this condition.