Joy on the Beach (J.o.B.) Beach Wheelchair

If you are planning a family vacation that includes spending time on the beach but you aren't comfortable walking on the sand or you are not able to we have just the thing for you! The Joy on the Beach (J.o.B.) Wheelchair features innovative, air filled balloon wheels that make it easy to roll the on the beach sand (or even snow); the beach wheelchair can also be lowered into a pool or rolled into the ocean.  A companion will need to push the chair as it cannot be self-propelled. 

The J.O.B., made of aluminum alloy which will not corrode, is light and sturdy. The chair disassembles, in order to be put into the convenient, easy to carry duffle bag with wheels for transporting and storing. The J.o.B., which features a canvas material that attaches to the frame with a nautical cord, also has accessories available.  Accessories include a Body Support, Horseshoe-Shaped Inflatable Collar, Safety Belt and Sun Canopy.  The Body Support assists the individual who has trouble controlling his/her bodies while the Collar serves as a flotation device.  The newest accessory available for the J.o.B. is the 3rd Wheel.  The 3rd Wheel kit makes pushing the chair easier and also attaches to the duffle bag to provide efficient transporting of the unit.

The J.o.B. allows those with special needs to not miss out on leisure activities on the beach, in the water and even through snow.  The beach wheelchair is available for rental to passeners on cruise ships or those with land-only vacations.  The Joy on the Beach and accessaries are also available for purchase directly through Special Needs Group!




The Accessibility Advocate - October 2016 Newsletter Full Article