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Welcome to the Special Needs Group

Professional Travel Advisor Home Page.

We are glad you are here!

This center is designed to help you tap into the special needs and accessible travel market segment. We’ve created turn-key tools to help you get started.


Here is what we offer:

SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate® Program

**We recommend doing this first!**

If you are new to this market segment or just wish to grow your business, we recommend taking the SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate course. In approximately one hour, you will complete three modules, pass the short quizzes, and be certified as an Accessible Travel Advocate.

Why is this program so important? 

-The accessible travel/special needs market spends 13.6 billion dollars a year on vacations.

-Travelers with special needs take 32 million vacations a year.

-Over 24 million disabled Americans would travel/travel more frequently if their special needs were better met.

In addition to incremental commissions you will also gain:

-Access to valuable Sales & Marketing materials exclusively available to CATA agents in the SNG Resource Center tab including collateral that you can personalize and print

-Access to a unique logo to be used on all your online and offline marketing

-Your agency will be listed as a “Certified Accessible Travel Advocate” on website. Consumers will be able to find your agency using the new search feature! This is only available for certified agents!

-And more resources will be coming soon!

Click on the below SNG Accessible Travel Advocate logo at the bottom of this page to get started (if you already started the course you will be logged in where you left off).

Don’t forget to access the following resources:

My SNG Activity Tab:

Access all the orders you have placed for your clients and track how much commission you have earned.

Web Link Generator:

Want to make money while you sleep? Use this tab to put an icon on your own website to place orders for equipment. Any order linked from your site will earn you commission as well. Just copy the code next to the banner you like and paste it into your website and start earning!

Online Reservations Tab:

Use this link to place an order online and earn commission for the order.

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