Special Needs Group is pleased to offer Concierge service to accommodate your clients’ special requests. 


What is SNG Concierge?

SNG Concierge is not:


We don’t ever want you to have to say “no” to your clients.  Tell us about their Concierge requests and we’ll be happy to work with you.   Call us at 800.513.4515 or email us at for assistance.


There is a $50 nonrefundable service fee for us to process a Concierge request.  However, if you accept the offer we provide you we will credit the fee towards the total cost of your order.   *SNG will pay 10% commission on the $50 fee or 10% on the complete order if it is accepted by the client. 

Click here for the list of ports/destinations that we service on a regular basis. These ports/destinations don't require Concierge services.