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Mobility Equipment:

Are you concerned about navigating the long corridors of the cruise ships?

Do you want to take a tour or shore excursion, but you’re concerned about walking long distances?  Get a price quote for mobility wheelchairs and scooters today!


If you are one of the millions of individuals with limited mobility, oxygen requirements or other form of physical limitation who wants to travel, we can make handicap travel easier and a reality. If you have a temporary need to rent a medical scooter due to a broken leg or bad back, we can also make travel accessible. To see medical equipment available for purchase, visit the Special Needs Shop.

Reserve oxygen packs, hospital beds, rental portable mobility scooters, and motorized wheelchair rentals. We deliver your rental mobility equipment directly to cruise ports and hotels around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the world because of a physical impairment; rent a mobility wheelchair today!

Specialty Handicap Travel Equipment:
Rent oxygen for your cruise
Rent a respirator for your cruise
Rent a walker for your cruise
Rent a hospital bed for your cruise
Rent a patient lift for your cruise
Rent a crib for your cruise

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