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Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea carries an extensive offering of mobility devices to include: wheelchairs, mobility scooters, powerchairs, beach wheelchairs, bariatric and heavy duty items, walkers, commode chairs, hospital beds, patient lifts, hearing-impaired equipment, and more!

As a certified mobility distributor, Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea’s equipment meets specifications unique to the cruise industry. Our mobility equipment is lightweight and compact enough so that passengers can easily maneuver wherever they want to explore without inconvenience. We also ensure that the equipment can easily be stored in your stateroom. In addition, we only use the safest in battery technology so that there are not concerns for acid spills. Plus, our quality standards policy is very strict with regard to the condition of our mobility equipment.

Before a piece can be certified as acceptable for passenger use, it must be inspected, cleaned, sanitized, tested, and adjusted, if necessary, at the beginning and ending of each rental period. Additionally, all of our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and inspection to monitor wear and identify any items that require replacement. We employ this strict policy so our customers can rest assured that equipment rented from us will be safe, reliable, presentable, and in optimum working condition.

Beyond our own strict maintenance policy, we maintain close relationships with our equipment manufacturers and distributors so our technicians are always aware of the latest advances in technology safety and maintenance procedures. Our relationship also enables Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea to frequently accommodate special requests for equipment that may not be commonly available.