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Welcome to the Exclusive

SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate® Resource Center!

You will want to tell all your clients and potential clients that you are now a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate. You can use the following resources to help spread the word!

All content that appears in blue-type face is available to all SNG Professional Travel Advisors.  Certified content appears in red.

SNG CATA Professionals have access to all content on this page.

Certified Accessibility Advocate Logo SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

To access the unique logo that will identify you as a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate please click on the links below.  Please click on the following link to view the terms and conditions, and agree to them, for use of the logo.

Terms and Conditions of Logo Usage (Adobe PDF)

— .EPS COLOR Format (686 KB)  Due to file size, if interested in .eps logo, please email

— .JPG COLOR Format (1 MB)

.PDF COLOR Format (1.8 MB)

— .EPS B&W Format (600 KB) Due to file size, if interested in .eps logo, please email

— .JPG B&W Format (218 KB)

— .PDF B&W Format (478 MB)


Marketing Tools

We’ve created these great marketing tools to assist you in communicating to your clients all that SNG has to offer.

— SNG’s Equipment Guide – (4-Page, Full Color Adobe PDF)

— Mobility Devices Do’s & Don’ts and Proper Etiquette (Adobe PDF) SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

— SNG’s Equipment Guide (2-Page, Full Color, Personalizable PDF) SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

— SNG Info Flyer (1-Page, Full Color, Adobe PDF)

— SNG Info Flyer (1-Page, Full Color, Personalizable PDF) SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

— SNG Canadian Statistics Flyer (1-Page, Statistics for the Canadian Special Needs Market) SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!



The following article is a story you can use to post to your website, blog or use for a newsletter or even print publication to highlight accessible travel. Please personalize the content and add elements to the copy that make it personal to your business.

— Article – It’s an Accessible World, Enjoy It! (Microsoft Word Document)


We have compiled sample Facebook posts and tweets for you to announce your certification. Open the below document to get started!

— Social Media Samples (Microsoft Word Document)


We have prepared a press release for you to use to announce that you are an SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate. Submit this release to your local media, post on your website and even on your social media. This is an important tool to help you spread the word!

— Press Release Template (Microsoft Word Document)

Consumer Presentation SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

A great way to spread the word is to deliver presentations to various groups of clients or prospective clients. To make it easy for you we have prepared a sample PowerPoint presentation for you to use. Please make sure you add your own information and flare to the presentation!

— SNG Consumer Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow)

Accessible Checklist SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

The next time you go on a ship inspection, why not take notes and pictures that highlight the accessibility of the ship or destination? You can use this information to help answer questions from your clients plus you can also use this information for blog posts, newsletters, social media posts and more.

Also, please find Hotel Accessibility Checklist as well.

— Ship Accessibility Checklist (Adobe PDF)

— Hotel Accessibility Checklist (Adobe PDF)


Sample Questions To Help Your Clients SNG CATA EXCLUSIVE!

During the certification program you learned about questions you can ask your clients to have the special needs conversation. Click below to access these questions to help you better serve your clients.

— Questions To Help Your Clients (Adobe PDF)

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