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Frequently Asked Questions by Travel Advisors/Agents & Guests

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Who is Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea?

Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea, is a travel services company that seeks to aid travelers with special needs to get out and see the world.  Our motto is Delivering an Accessible World®Whether it is some form of mobility or impairment, the need for oxygen, a crib for a baby, refrigeration for medication, or materials for a service animal, we strive to fulfill all special needs for travel.

What services to do you offer?

We provide special needs Equipment around the world.  Equipment includes, but not limited to, wheelchairs, scooters, oxygen, bed and bath safety equipment rentals and more.  We also distribute and sell special needs equipment.

Where do you offer these services?

We have equipment and personnel available around the world and we continue to grow our network.  Please contact us to learn if the city where you will be vacationing has the equipment which you desire.

Can I request other special items?

Yes.  We can deliver hospital beds, specialty mattresses, patient lifts and many other items.

How do I get the equipment rented?

For cruises, the equipment is most often delivered to your cabin or stateroom.  For hotels, the equipment is typically left with the Concierge or Front Desk.

Can you deliver to hotels before or after cruises?

Yes.  We can deliver to hotels before cruises and pick up from hotels following cruises.

Can I rent items only for hotel stays?


What if I need oxygen before I get on a flight?

We carry several models of Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) that are approved for use on most major airlines.  We can ship this equipment directly to your home in advance of your flight.

How do I place an order?

Orders may be placed by calling our toll-free number at 800-513-4515.  Our Customer Service Specialists are available to take orders and answer any questions Monday-Friday from 9 A.M. – 6 P.M. EST; Saturday & Sunday 8:30 A.M. – 5 P.M. 

Wheelchair and Scooter rental orders may be placed online.

What information is required when placing an order?

Please following Guide to placing an order with Special Needs Group.

For mobility bookings:  Height and weight.  If for a Power Chair, please specify for which hand the control must be located.

For oxygen bookings:  The type of oxygen delivery system you use at home and the liter flow (LPM).  A doctor’s prescription is also required for all medical oxygen.  The prescription must indicate the individual’s name, the number of LPM the individual uses and the number of Hours Per Day (HPD) the individual uses.  

For cruise bookings:  Dates of Sailing, Embarkation and Debarkation Ports, Cruise Line, Name of Ship, Cabin Number and Booking/Reservation Number.

For hotel bookings:  Dates of Stay, Hotel Name, Address, Check-In and Check-Out Time and Reservation/Confirmation Number.

When is payment required?

Payment is required at time of booking.

What forms of payment do you take?

American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

How far in advance should I place an order?

It is best to book as far in advance as possible.  While we often fill last minute requests in many ports, we cannot guarantee availability.  This is even more true for sailings outside of the United States. 

How much do rentals cost?

Rentals vary by type of equipment, length of rental and location.  Please contact one of our trained reservation agents to get rate information.

For how long are quotes valid?

Pricing and availability will not be guaranteed until the order is confirmed with payment.  In some locations, we have limited amounts of equipment, and it could be reserved before the final order is placed.

If on a cruise, how can I contact you?

If sailing on a cruise ship and you need to contact us for any reason, we ask that you please go to Guest Services onboard.  A member of the Guest Service staff will place a complimentary call for you and put you in direct contact with us.  When not open for normal business hours, we do have an emergency line, so you are always able to get a hold of one of our representatives.

How wide are the Scooters?

The Scooters come in three different sizes depending upon the individual weight.  The Standard Scooter supports an individual 249lbs or less and is 21″; the Heavy Duty Scooter is for use by an individual between 250-349lbs and 22″.  Both the Standard and Heavy-Duty Scooters fit through the cabin door of most major cruise lines.  

Can the mobility equipment be taken off the ships at given ports-of-call?

Wheelchairs and walkers may be taken off the ships whether the ship pulls directly into a dock or “tenders.”  Scooters and Powerchairs may be taken off of the ship as long as the vessel pulls directly into a dock; tenders do not allow Scooters or Powerchairs.

Do we only rent or can equipment be purchased as well?

Yes, you can purchase as well as rent equipment.  If interested in purchasing, please call 800.513.4515.

To purchase, please visit our Shop Site:

Do we accept medical insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept medical insurance.  When an order is finalized, an order confirmation is emailed which provides the individual’s name, equipment rented and cost.  The individual can check with his/her insurance provider to see if they would be reimbursed for the equipment rental following providing order confirmation.



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