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Electric Hospital Beds, Baby Cribs (Limited), and Lift Chair/Recliners

We provide a variety of special needs beds and bedroom equipment for people with disabilities and for children. When traveling, we want individuals to feel as safe and comfortable as they would in their own home. Bed selections include hospital beds, the Optum-Align Mattress and adjustable bed rentals. We also provide lift chairs for rent, bed rails and recliners.

For you and your child to enjoy your vacation, we provide a variety of lift chairs, baby cribs, and hospital beds for rent. All of our equipment is cleaned and tested prior to usage. You can rent baby equipment that includes baby cribs and pack n plays, and we can also accommodate special requests.

Because the needs to rent hospital beds and equipment vary by type, length of hospital bed rental and location, please contact one of our trained reservations agents to get rate information:1-954 585-0575 or 1-800-513-4515. Rent a lift chair or hospital bed from Special Needs Group today.

Electric Hospital Bed Rented by Special Needs Group
Baby Crib Rented by Special Needs Group
Lift Chair/Recliner with Remote Control Rented by Special Needs Group
Hospital Beds
Rent a hospital bed for your cruise
Rent a crib for your cruise
Lift Chairs
Rent a lift chair for your cruise







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