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Mini Refrigerators, Incontinence Supplies, & More

If you require special medical rental equipment for disabled travel but do not see it listed, please call us at 1-954-585-0575 or 1-800-513-4515. From mini refrigerators for insulin and patches of sod or mulch for your service animal, to organic baby food and pack n plays, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Please note that due to the unique and vast requests of specialty items, all Specialty Handicap Rentals must be ordered over the phone. For travel assistance for seniors, please contact us at 1-954 585-0575 or 1-800-513-4515.


Insulin Mini Fridge Rented by Special Needs Group

Insulin Mini Refrigerator


Incontinence Supplies & Skin Care from Seni Sold by Special Needs Group

Incontinence Supplies


Specialty Organic Food Items Sold by Special Needs Group

Specialty Food Items


Service Animal Materials for Your Cruise Provided by Special Needs Group

Service Animal Materials

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