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Special Needs Group Testimonials

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22 April 2024

“Very useful!” – Diane S.


22 April 2024

“Highly recommend your services!  10 Stars!!!” – Arthur S.


07 April 2024

“We use SNG for all our cruises.  We can’t say enough good things.  It’s been a Godsend!  Thank You so much! – Bea M.


24 March 2024

“5th time using Special Needs Group.  Great company!” – Cardyn T.


24 March 2024

“Will use on every cruise.” – Karen R.


23 March 2024

“Perfect for my needs!” – Joan H.


23 March 2024

“Great service!  Thank You!” – Debbie A.


21 March 2024

“Fantastic!  Thank You!” – Diana M.


17 March 2024

“OMG!!!  Very helpful for my sister.” – Michelle K.


17 March 2024

“Great experience!”


16 March 2024

“Excellent company!  I will use you again.  Thank You!” – Harry W.


16 March 2024

“Work amazing!  Thank You!” – Klarece G.


09 March 2024

“It was great!  Will use again.” – Stephen J.


03 March 2024

“I really enjoyed it!  Thie was the best thing.  Thank You!” -Lawanda R.


28 February 2024

“The Scooter was a pleasure to use.  It made my life easier & make my vacation more enjoyable!” – Maxine P.


27 February 2024

“Was easy to use!” – Mary Ann L.


27 February 2024

“Thank You! :)” – George H


25 February 2024

“Loved the Scooter!  It really helped!”


25 February 2024

“Awesome!!” – Mark B.


25 February 2024

“This Scooter was a lifesaver!  Great experience!  Your Team is great!


22 February 2024

“I would not have been able to get around without the Scooter!  Thank you for making my cruise possible & enjoyable!”  – Marlene K.


18 February 2024



18 February 2024

“Love it!”


17 February 2024

“This was a great experience!” – Fay B.


17 February 2024

“Brilliant!  Easy to use!


12 February 2024

“Professional – Friendly – As Promised – Courteous – Recommended.” – William A.


11 February 2024

“Very cool!  A lifesaver!” – Dale B.


05 February 2024

“The equipment helped make our trip possible.” – Joseph F.


03 February 2024

“I really enjoyed it.  This was the best thing.  Thank You!”


28 January 2024

“Thank You so much!”


28 January 2024

“All good!” – John H.


26 January 2024

“I’m going to use your company from now on – all my trips – Thanks!” – John L.


21 January 2024

“Well done.  On time.” – Susan Y.


08 January 2024

“Overall totally satisfied and would use again.” – Lanora P.


08 January 2024

“Thanks for everything.  Such a lifesaver.  Grateful for Special Needs Group!” – Regina S.


04 January 2024

“Easy to use, to charge, to store.  Great little device – sure thing next cruise.” – Brian C.


02 January 2024

“Made things easier for me than just using a cane.”


02 January 2024

“Everything went well!  Thanks!” – Bruce L.


29 December 2023

“Very pleased with the commode!” – Thomas M.


22 December 2023

“The Wheelchair was roomy, convenient, and helped us.” – Glenn G.


04 November 2023

“All at Special Needs ROCK!! :)” – Beatrice M.


23 October 2023

“Thanks for the GREAT service!” – David S.


“Thank you for providing us a Scooter & Oxygen Concentrator on our Royal Princess cruise.  We wanted to let you know the equipment was in excellent condition and all set up in our room.” – The C’s.

“I really enjoyed the scooter on the last cruise.  It made my ‘cruise experience’ so much better to be able to ride instead of walk to the different activities.  Thanks for such an excellent scooter.” -N. J. K.


“Thank You so much for your help with our recent cruise. Because of you and the excellent job that you did, John and I had a worry free and wonderful vacation. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary. I am truly grateful to you and the job that you performed for me.”



“THANK YOU SO MUCH. The wheelchair we rented from your company was in the cabin as I was told when we arrived. Because of its light weight and being able to fold it made it perfect for getting around. The chair made my mother’s cruise possible and made our cruise enjoyable. Again, THANK YOU.” -A. B.


“I just want to say what a pleasure it is to deal with your company. I have had to rent a scooter in Courtney BC and it is a hassle compared to my dealings with Special Needs at Sea. I have dealt with three different people in your company and all have been polite, professional and easy to deal with. The information on the form is accurate the first time! This can be quite a challenge when taking information over the phone. I would not hesitate to use your services again and recommend you to others. We have many cruises in our future and it is wonderful to know that it is this easy to get help that is needed.” -S. G.


“By the way, I want to let you know that we cruised last year using the same service (mobility scooter) and it was wonderful.  I was able to take my husband all the way to the exit upon debarkation and the cruise line made sure you would be able to retrieve it.  I am a member of Cruise Critic and I have recommended your services to anyone who asks.” -B. T.


“This is a thank you! We rented a scooter for our cruise on the grand princess from 8/31 – 9/7/14. It was in our room when we arrived and made the trip possible for my husband. Thank you for your excellent service!” -P. H.


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