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Wheelchair Rentals for Cruise, Hotel and Air Travel

Transport Wheelchair
Standard Wheelchair
Transport 19", 22", 24" Wheelchair
(up to 450 lbs)
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Standard 18" Wheelchair
(up to 249 lbs)
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Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Bariatric Wheelchair
Heavy Duty 22" Wheelchair
(up to 349 lbs)
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Bariatric 24" Wheelchair
(up to 500 lbs)
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Manual wheelchairs are light, maneuverable and collapsible. If you are on a smaller ship or if you are traveling with a companion who is willing to push the wheelchair, manual wheelchairs may be the best option. When cruising, there are times when a passenger must use the ship’s tenders (small boats) to visit ships’ ports of call. Because situations may occur where mobility scooters may not be carried off-board, such as sea conditions, we encourage guests to ask about ordering a manual wheelchair in addition to their mobility scooter. We generally recommend mobility scooters when you are on a larger ship, have not used a wheelchair for travel before and when you want your independence.

Customers who rent a wheelchair online have an option of four types of wheelchairs: transport, standard, heavy duty or bariatric. The maximum weight capacity for the rental wheelchairs is as follows: transport wheelchairs - 450 lbs.; standard wheelchairs - 249 lbs.; heavy duty wheelchairs - 349 lbs.; bariatric wheelchairs - 500 lbs.

To get a price quote on a travel wheelchair to rent for your trip at any of our locations around the world, please call us toll free at 1-954 585-0575 or 1-800-513-4515.