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Guest Confirmations

⚠⚠⚠ Please take your confirmation with you.  The confirmation has extremely important information!

Below are slides which break down the confirmation to explain pertinent information for you or a member of your traveling party. 

The first highlighted section refers to delivery time.  For mobility equipment bookings on a cruise with delivery scheduled to be made to the stateroom, if you do not have the equipment in their possession by 2PM, we ask that you call us at 800.513.4515 / 954.585.0575.  For those scheduled to have the delivery of equipment made outside of the terminal, please do not have them board with ship without receiving their mobility equipment.

The second highlighted copy refers to if you experience any issues at sea or while on a land-based vacation staying at a hotel/resort.  If staying at a Hotel/Resort, as soon as you have an issue, we ask that you contact us at 800.513.4515 / 954.585.0575.  If you have an issue while at sea, we ask that you go to Guest Services as soon as possible once the issue initially arises.  Guest Services will place a complimentary call for you and put them in direct contact with a member of our Customer Service Team.  SNG will work with the ship staff to troubleshoot any issues.  We need to be made aware as soon any issues are experienced.  When not open for normal business hours, our 800-/954- numbers turn into emergency lines; we’re available 24/7/365 for you.

At the bottom of the Confirmation’s Page 1, or top of Page 2, you’ll see the Driver Notes.  The Driver Notes detail where your equipment is going to be delivered and picked-up from SNG.

Example 1:  When the Embark and Debark Ports, Sailing Dates, Equipment, and Price are only listed, the equipment will be delivered to the cabin for standard-stateroom delivery.

Example 2:  If SNG is going to deliver outside of the ship’s terminal, you will see Notes indicating your or a travel companion’s cell number as well as their anticipated Embark/Debark Times.  PLEASE do not board the cruise ship without your equipment, if SNG is going to deliver outside of the terminal.  Also, please ensure the number provided is one you or member of your traveling party will be in possession during their vacation, as our Agent will be contacting you/that cell number the day of sailing.  If we deliver outside of the terminal, we will pick-outside of the terminal.

Example 3:  If SNG is delivering to a Hotel/Resort, you will see the property’s details, anticipated Check-In/Out, Booking/Reservation #, as well as Contact Number for you or member of your traveling party. 

For Hotel/Resort deliveries, we will deliver/pickup to the Front Desk/Concierge.  The one exception for services to Hotels/Resorts is for Disney properties in Orlando; we must deliver/pickup to and from the guest directly for Orlando Disney Hotels/Resorts.  For those bookings, it’s extremely important, we have a Cell Number for you or a traveling companion.

If you have any questions regarding your client’s order prior to delivery date, please contact our Customer Service Team at 800.5013.4515 Monday – Friday between 9AM – 6PM EST.

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