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Bariatric Power wheelchair
Standard Powerchair
(up to 249 lbs)
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Heavy Duty Powerchair
(up to 349 lbs)
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Bariatric Powerchair
(up to 500 lbs)
Rent this powerchair today


Power chair rentals are operated by using a joystick controller on the armrest. These special needs chairs are often used by individuals who do not have the dexterity or mobility to use a mobility scooter. Due to the complicated nature of using the joystick, we do not recommend ordering a power chair rental unless you have previously used one and feel comfortable as cruise ship hallways are more narrow and more difficult to navigate through if you are unfamiliar with the joystick.

Customers have an option of three types of portable power chairs for rent: standard, heavy duty or bariatric. The maximum weight capacity for our power wheelchair rentals is as follows: standard powerchairs – 249 lbs.; heavy duty powerchairs – 349 lbs.; and bariatric power chairs – 500 lbs. Rentals may be used indoors or outdoors.

To get a price quote on an electric wheelchair rental for your trip at any of our locations around the world, please contact us at 1-954 585-0575 or 1-800-513-4515.

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