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The SNG Travel Agent Certification Program is free; the information and knowledge are priceless!


Special Needs Group is proud to have certified over 6,100 Professional Travel Advisors!



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CATA training is as easy as 1,2,3!

In just three easy CATA travel advisor courses you can become a SNG CATA certified travel agent!


What is the SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Training Program?

This is a three module, 65-minute, online travel advisor course designed for Professional Travel Advisors to increase their knowledge and earning opportunities in the accessible travel/special needs market.


Why get certified as an SNG CATA?

-The accessible travel/special needs market spends 13.6 billion dollars a year on vacations.

-Travelers with special needs take 32 million vacations a year.
24 million Americans with disabilities would travel more frequently if their special needs were better met.

-Gain access to marketing resources to help you grow your business with the fastest growing segment of travelers
-Achieve access to a unique logo to market yourself as an SNG CATA "Certified Accessible Travel Advocate".
-You will be listed as a "Certified Accessible Travel Advocate" on www.specialneedsgroup.com website. Consumers will be able to find you using the powerful search feature!


This will only be available for Certified Accessible Travel Advocates!



Who can get certified as an SNG CATA?


-Travel Professionals wishing to become SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocates must meet, at a minimum our Professional Standards for CATA Training Eligibility.


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Professional Travel Advisors wishing to acquire the SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate designation must meet, at a minimum, the following standards and qualifications:
  1. must demonstrate subject matter proficiency
  2. must pass each of the three (3) certification module proficiency exams in the travel agent course
  3. must be affiliated with a Travel Agency registered with Special Needs Group at the time of certification
  4. must provide documentation verifying affiliation with ARC, CLIA, IATA (or IATAN)
  5. must not have been convicted of any felonious business conduct within last five (5) years
  6. must exhibit a willingness to service the needs of customers/clients identified as having a disability or other hardship creating a “special need” at the time of the travel
  7. must agree to exhibit, promote or otherwise refer to the SNG CATA Certification Mark in printed and electronic media
  8. must agree to abide by all terms and conditions for use of SNG CATA logos and the SNG website available at http://www.specialneedsatsea.com/advisors/travel-advisor-registration-form/


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