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Summer Fun – Joy on the Beach Wheelchair

Summer Fun – JoB Summer is quickly approaching!  Time for family gatherings, picnics, outdoor sports, trips to the beach.  Family and friend activities should be available for every member of the group, however we know that some members of the family may feel unable to enjoy these events due to mobility issues.  Do you have a family member, or friend, that is a daily wheelchair user, or struggles with mobility?  How would you feel if you could help provide them…

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Joy on the Beach Wheelchair

Joy on the Beach Wheelchair The Joy on the Beach (J.O.B.) Wheelchair features innovative, air filled balloon wheels that make it easy to roll the beach’s sand or even snow; the beach wheelchair can also be lowered into a pool or rolled into the ocean’s open water for leisure as the inflatable wheels provide flotation. The J.O.B., made of aluminum alloy which will not corrode, is light and sturdy. The chair disassembles, so the unit can be put into the…

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