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Summer Fun – Joy on the Beach Wheelchair

Summer Fun – JoB

Summer is quickly approaching!  Time for family gatherings, picnics, outdoor sports, trips to the beach.  Family and friend activities should be available for every member of the group, however we know that some members of the family may feel unable to enjoy these events due to mobility issues.  Do you have a family member, or friend, that is a daily wheelchair user, or struggles with mobility?  How would you feel if you could help provide them with an experience that they thought they couldn’t have, or have given up because of their mobility issues?  Maybe they would enjoy the beach, or the pool?

Explore the opportunities provided by the Joy on the Beach wheelchair!  The JoB is the original beach wheelchair for sale. Stylish, yet light and sturdy, the JoB is equipped with innovative wheels that make it easy to roll from the beach into the open water for access to swimming. Made of an aluminum alloy that won’t corrode, this waterproof wheelchair will give years of enjoyment on the beach.

The JoB chair can easily be lowered into any swimming pool for lap swim or water leisure.  Its air-filled balloon wheels make it easy to lift the swimmer out of the pool with minimal effort, eliminating the need for a wheelchair lift.

The chair even has a bar across the back to accommodate the FlexSafe, a portable locking device in which you can store money, keys, phones, and other small valuables safely.

To find out more information and to purchase, please contact Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our website at  Check out our other summer and wellness products while you are there as well!  You might want to look at the aforementioned FlexSafe® to keep your valuables locked up and AquaVault to protect your phone from the water.

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