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Executive Team

Andrew J. Garnett, President and CEO

Andrew J. Garnett, founder, President and CEO of Special Needs Group and Special Needs at Sea, built a global brand in the Special Needs industry. An accomplished corporate strategist and marketer, his vision and expertise in business performance have driven notable growth in both the Special Needs and the Travel Industries.

Since Andrew began working in the Special Needs industry in 2001, he has forged strong relationships with the manufacturers of special needs equipment. He has also established global contacts for logistical fulfillment within this industry. Through these relationships, he is not only able to procure equipment at a moment’s notice in virtually any corner of the globe, Andrew is also able to provide input into the design of equipment customized to the needs of the cruise industry, as well as any other possible application.

Andrew Garnett’s exceptional track record of business growth is based upon his philosophy of attention to detail and his passion for the enablement of the special needs community. He is known for his ability to combine the philanthropic aspect of the industry with business sense. Through his work, he has enabled thousands of individuals to enjoy travel that would not have been able to otherwise venture to travel.

Andrew serves as an annual presenter/speaker at the SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality) World Congress. He has been noted as an expert on accessible travel and has made multiple presentations on Special Needs to benefit the travel industry community. Additionally, he has presented educational seminars regarding the different types of special needs equipment available in the industry, including, but not limited, to respiratory, hearing impaired, and mobility equipment. Andrew received an economics degree from the University of Florida.

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