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My clients want to rent a Powerchair

What do I need to know?


Power chairs are a wonderful option for a client who is an at home user of a power chair with much practice on how to maneuver it.  It is not an option for someone who has never used one before.  Power chairs are maneuvered via a joystick and takes much practice to control.  It has a larger base which makes it harder to maneuver in tight spaces including elevators.


Once you have determined if your client is a candidate for a power chair you will then need to know the height and weight for the client.  This allows us to determine the correct size – standard, heavy duty or bariatric.  You will also need to know if they require a left or right hand control.  Please note that a power chair does not fit in a standard stateroom and will therefore need an accessible stateroom.


Client on a Power Chair enjoying a Holiday Cruise with Family


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