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Agent Newsletter – January 2011

January 2011



The New Year is here. Whether your journeys are to foreign lands or to visit family and friends, Special Needs Group offers these tips to help you stay healthy while away from home.

Be Informed
Before traveling, check with the Center for Disease Control for updates on any outbreaks or health warning for the countries on your itinerary. The recent outbreak of Cholera in Haiti is an example. The CDC will also recommend any shots or vaccinations required to protect against diseases such as malaria or Dengue Fever, especially if you are traveling to tropical or sub-tropical regions.

Be Prepared
Carry an updated personal medication and vaccination record with you with a list of all the medications you take. Read More.   

Special Needs Group announced an expansion in Orlando, Florida. Special Needs Group’s expansion includes equipment rentals at Disney World locations, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and the other major Orlando area Theme Parks. Additionally, equipment rentals will be available at Orlando hotels, resorts and villas; the Orange County Convention Center; Orlando Science Center and other locations. Equipment will be delivered directly to the theme park, hotel/resort or customer’s requested location.
"Orlando is an ideal market for Special Needs Group’s expansion," states Andrew J. Garnett, president and CEO of Special Needs Group. "We have been very aggressive in developing more business from our existing customers and new customers. Our customers have been asking us for more options in Orlando and we are pleased to be able to better meet their needs and requests."

Orlando’s delivery options are similar to Special Needs Group’s deliveries in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, where they currently service guests visiting hotels and major attractions. For more details or to reserve equipment, call Special Needs Group at 1.800.513.4515.         

Located in Central Florida, Port Canaveral is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. Travelers can take advantage of 3-,4- or 7-day voyages to places such as Eastern Caribbean, Bahamas or Mexico. For travelers cruising out of Port Canaveral, pre-cruise or post-cruise stays in the home city of Cape Canaveral, Orlando and surrounding areas offer travelers many options.
The best known tourist destination in Cape Canaveral is the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is NASA’s launch headquarters and provides visitors an opportunity to tour launch areas, meet veteran astronauts, see giant rockets and train in spaceflight simulators. Visitors can also view the Shuttle Discovery launch, scheduled to lift off on February 24, 2011. The Space Center offers many ADA services to make visits for individuals with disabilities enjoyable. Accessible features include special wheelchair accessible seating, audio guides, Assistive Listening Devices, American Sign Language Interpreters, Guided Tours for guests who are blind or low vision and more. Read More
Interesting Fact: In homage to its space-faring heritage, the Florida Public Service Commission allocated "321" as the telephone area code for Cape Canaveral and surrounding counties.

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Quote of the Month:
"A travel adventure has no substitute. It is the ultimate experience; your one big opportunity for flair"
– Rosalind Massow, author




In addition to the new online booking capability, our Travel Agent Portal now includes:
Web link generator – put a banner on your website to place equipment orders. Any orders linked from your website will earn commission as well! 
Cruise Ship Checklist – gather special needs information for your ship inspections
Traveler Questions – ask your clients questions pertaining to their special needs requirements
All can be found on Starboard.  


Travel Agents Earn Commission on Every Rental.

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About Special Needs at Sea and Special Needs Group…

Special Needs Group, Inc. is a one-stop resource for special needs travel around the world. We offer a broad range of special needs equipment for purchase and rental including wheelchairs, scooters, power chairs with capabilities to support 500 pound or more; oxygen (liquid, cylinder, and concentrator); hearing impaired equipment, Braille printing, baby cribs and more. Recommended by the world’s major cruise lines and hotels for superior service and value, we also provide consultation services regarding special needs policy and new-build design. Special Needs Group, a U.S. company, is not a travel agency; we do not compete in any way with travel agents.



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