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Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband

Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband

The Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband is the first and only wristband to use patent-pending Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®. It’s clinically proven to strengthen wrist, hand, and finger performance skills.

In the clinical study, individuals reported:

  • Hand speed and accuracy by more than 33%,
  • Dexterity with fine finger movements,
  • Finger tapping speed, quickness, acceleration, and endurance,
  • Hand steadiness, precision, mobility, and speed,
  • Grip and pinch strength, and
  • Handwriting speed.

The following are further features of the Miracle Fruit Oil® wristband:

  • Promotes full wrist and finger motion,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Lightweight and comfortable,
  • Total breathability,
  • 360° comprehensive support, and
  • Fully adjustable, one size fits all, unisex design.

Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® comes from the seed of the Miracle Fruit Berry (synsepalum dulcifum).  The healthy and natural berry contains the highest amounts of beneficial vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and phytonaturals which act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with regenerative properties.

As mentioned above, Vitabrace® is clinically proven to strengthen wrist, hand, and finger performance skills. The successful clinical trial results were conducted on men and women at the Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics in Miami, Florida in association with two leading research universities – Indiana State University and University of Massachusetts at Amherst – were published in prestigious Phytotherapy Research Journal.  Using instruments that precisely and accurately measured manual performance abilities, the Vitabrace® wristband was clinically proven effective in improving the mobility and performance skill of the hands and fingers.

In the clinical study the Vitabrace® wearers had greater than 50% improvements in their manual skills.  Persons not wearing wristbands or using other wristbands showed no benefits or worsened.

Participants reported improvements in performance during daily tasks, work, and recreational activities.  Those typing, texting, writing and drawer noticed faster, steadier, and more precise movements.  Also, those in the studying wearing the Vitabrace® had better dexterity and grip strength while handling objects such as, pens, combs, brushes, tools, balls, machinery, and controllers.  Additional qualities enhanced were quickness, endurance, efficiency, and productiveness.

Participants included athletes (football, baseball, tennis, golf), artists, musicians, dentist, dental hygienists, dermatologists, surgeons, chefs, hairstylists, chiropractors, plumbers, journalists, court reporters physical, occupational, and message therapists as well as video gamers.

In addition to the above, sign language interpreters have found the Vitabrace® truly beneficial to their craft.

*For parents: children will be protected while at home virtually schooling from carpel tunnel syndrome as well as during extended video game playing.

The Vitabrace® is Doctor trusted and recommended.


Please click here to view Phytotherapy Research Clinical Study.


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Please see testimonial below of avid tournament-winning Gamer.

I am a competitive player in the fighting game community.  In order to master video games, you end up spending hours on top of hours training to be the best.  The extreme amount of time spent playing puts a strain on your hands, as well as your wrists. Recently, I started wearing Vitabraces during training sessions; I have noticed a huge difference in how long I can play before feeling worn out.  Furthermore, the Vitabraces have enabled me to get more practice in with less wrist pain. They have been a blessing for someone, like me, who loves competitive gaming.  I highly recommend the Vitabrace for any casual or competitive gamer. “

 – Leins Nome R.









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