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Special Needs Group Provides an Early Christmas Gift for a Worthy Child

MIAMI (CBS4) – Just weeks ago Alma Santos and her son Jaime were homeless, living in a shelter and dreams for a Christmas with cheer seemed unimaginable.

But now, thanks to CBS4 viewers, our community and Neighbors 4 Neighbors; the gifts keep pouring in.

Chief Investigator Michele Gillen first introduced us to this devoted mother and child two weeks ago, on Homeless Awareness Day.

They shared their joy of having a home to call their own. The former live-in caretaker lost her job and home when the elderly man she watched needed to be hospitalized.

But thanks to the Homeless Trust and non-profit Carrfour housing project, their dream of a true roof over their head was fullfilled.

But Gillen learned, that the deepest wish of Jaime, who struggles with severe learning disorders was to have a computer.

She got word to Santa, who reached out to Andrew Garnett, President of Special Needs Group, a South Florida company that caters to building bridges for those with special needs.


“I feel in love with the family.” said Garnett.

He turned up at the CBS4 Studios with computer in hand.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you Channel 4, Neighbors 4 Neighbors, oh goodness!?” an ecstatic Santos screamed with joy.

Young Jaime was speechless with a smile he could not erase.

“This will level the playing field for Jaime. 2012 will be a better year for them,” Garnett said of the potential of the gifted computer and the doors it could open for Jaime and his mom.

Gillen didn’t leave their Homestead Verde Gardens home without sharing special gift cards from CBS4′s Neighbors 4 Neighbors to help Alama plan a holiday dinner which she immediately offered to share with Mr. Garnett and his family.

“I would love to welcome you to my home and cook for you and your family,” said a delighted Santos.

Most in the neighborhood agree that the Santos home has the best holiday decorations on the block, but the light illuminating from this house clearly glows from one emotion, gratitude.

If you’d like more information on the Special Needs Group, call 954-585-0575; 1-800-513-4515 or click here.

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