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Comfort at Home – Lift Chairs

Comfort at Home – Lift Chairs

You may have relaxed in a recliner at some point in your life, right?  Remember how good it felt to be able to recline with your feet up.  It was like all the pressure was relieved from your body.  A lift chair is a recliner that also assists the individual using it in getting to a standing position.  There are many reasons beyond comfort that a lift chair can be helpful to someone in their home.

Some people are not able to or are not comfortable sleeping in a bed.  They can use a lift chair’s reclined or zero gravity position to be able to get the necessary rest.  There are other motivations for owning a lift chair such as:

  • Ease of getting to a standing position
  • Postural hypertension (sudden blood pressure rise upon standing) can be dealt with more safely
  • Reducing edema (swollen legs)
  • Relieving pressure sores (the chair assists you in moving around to keep the blood flowing)
  • Increasing independence allowing standing without help
  • Reducing the risk of injury in standing and transferring to a wheelchair or scooter
  • Reducing the risk of injury to a caregiver during a transfer
  • Reducing muscle spasms
  • Reducing muscle aches

To find out more information and to purchase, please contact Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our website at  Check out our other summer and wellness products while you are there as well!  You might want to look at the FlexSafe to keep your valuables locked up and the Joy on the Beach wheelchair to help those with mobility issues enjoy the beach and pool.


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