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Little Havana, Florida

Little Havana is the center of Miami’s Hispanic culture and Cuban heart.  Calle Ocho (Eighth Sreet) is the main street of the neighborhood which is filled with art, spirit, walk-up cafes, cigar smoking and dominoes.

Versailles, on of Calle Ocho’s most popular spots since 1971, features a plethora of Cuban cuisine – ham croquetas, Cuban sandwiches, ropa vieja with yellow rice, black beans and sweet plantains to go along with Cuban coffee (cafecitos) and espresso (cortados) to drink.  

Along Calle Ocho, you’ll also find Maximo Gomez Domino Park which is filled with older Cuban competitive gentlemen playing the tiled-gamed with many onlookers.  Across the street is the Little Havana Cigar Factory, a great place to purchase as well as smoke the hand-rolled cigars.  For nightlife, the Ball & Chain has been stored since its concert hall glory days of the 19030’s; the venue honors its late history with entertainment from jazz to salsa, modern tapas and a classic staple – the mojito.

The best known neigborhood from Cuban exiles in the world is still lively today with its passion and in 2017 was declared a national treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 

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