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Naxos, Greece

 The island of Naxos in Greece may not be as well known as some of its sister islands, but that may be in its favor as there aren’t as many crowds as some others.  It is the largest of the Cycladic islands in Greece.  It’s also the greenest as Mount Zas traps the clouds and forces more rainfall.  You will find olive and citrus trees in abundance here.

There are many sites to see on Naxos and we will cover a few of them in this post.  Take the time to do a little research to discover more about this fascinating island, though.

As with all the Greek Islands, there is rich history to be explored.  Seen from the port, there is the Kastro (Castle) on the hill.  It’s a great place to wander around and take photos, both of the castle and of the city and harbor surrounding it.      


For something different, check out the Olive Press Museum.  This tiny museum will give you so much information on this important product and the relevance it has had throughout the millennia.


  If you like a nice cocktail now and then, or if spirits of the liquid variety are your thing, pay a visit to the Vallindras Kitron Distillery in the village of Chalkia, where they make three different strengths of liquor from fruit and leaves of the citron tree.  This is the only place in the world where this liquor is made and it is very commonly served throughout the island. 


Stroll around the narrow alleyways and streets of Naxos Town, the historic old town, to get your retail fix and to grab a bit at one of the many restaurants.




Naxos also features tons of beaches.  Regardless of what type of experience you prefer when you visit a beach, you can find it here.  From populated with amenities to quiet and sheltered cove beaches, there is something for everyone.  Some of the more notable are Alyko Beach in the Alyko Nature Preserve, Agios Georgio Beach for amenities, Mikri Vilga Beach to watch kite boarders off-shore, or Plaka Beach for its beauty.


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