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Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, Accessible Features

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, Accessible Features

With most visitors to Glacier Bay National Park arriving via cruise ship, the most likely the best thing to do is with their shore excursion department to see what they provide in terms of activities while in the park.  However, it bears noting the accessible features of the park for those that might want to explore on their own.

The park accommodates not only the mobility challenged, but also other special needs.  There is a Braille translation of the park brochure available on request while visiting, or it can be accessed by link on their website.  Also, service dogs on a leash are allowed on walking trails within the Bartlett Cove area.

In addition, many of the staff members are fluent in American Sign Language for those with hearing impairment.

Bartlett Cove contains the only visitor facilities.  The trails in Bartlett Cove are not paved, however, there is an accessible, flat, gravel path between the public dock parking lot and the front of the Huna Tribal House.  The House is the first to be rebuilt after the Little Ice Age advance wiped out the region and it represents the numbers of clan houses that used to line the shore amongst the fish camps and other villages established by the Tlingit people.  You can learn about the traditions and lifestyle of these natives through the multiple displays in and around the House.

There is a picturesque ½ mile boardwalk that can be traversed by wheelchair or scooter that leads to a viewing deck overlooking a beautiful pond.  It’s a great spot for photos!

Bartlett Cove is also where you will find Glacier Bay Lodge, which houses the Visitor Center on the second floor.  There are elevators available as well as stairs.  The Lodge itself has a ramp for easy access.  There are accessible restrooms, and even ADA rooms for staying overnight, if you are not visiting from a cruise ship.

Another spot for taking photos is on a portion of the public dock.  It can be accessed via a ramp, however, be mindful of the tidal changes as to the steepness of the incline.  This is a perfect spot to view mountains, the lake, and occasional wildlife.

If you have reserved a cabin on a cruise ship that is visiting Glacier Bay National Park, please allow Special Needs Group to show you how you can enjoy this beautiful natural area more comfortably through the rental of a wheelchair, scooter, or even oxygen needs.  Feel free to contact us at 800-513-4515 to talk with our award-winning reservations and customer service staff.


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