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North Miami, Biscayne Park, North Miami Beach, El Portal, & Miami Shores Florida

The area of North Miami, Biscayne Park, North Miami Beach, El Portal and Miami Shores is situated 15 minutes north of Port Miami and 20 minutes northwest of Miami International Airport.  You will find much more to explore here than just the iconic beaches.

In the spirit of jigsaw puzzles, North Miami is home to one of the largest ever done in the form of an ancient Spanish Monastery, originally built in the 1100s and used for that purpose for 700 years. After a period of serving as a granary and stables it was purchased by William Randolph Hearst, the infamous newspaper magnet, in 1925.  It was dismantled piece by piece, brought to the US in over 11,000 crates where it unfortunately sat in a warehouse in New York until 1952 when it was sold and put back together in North Miami as a tourist attraction.  It is now home to the Church of St. Bernard de Clairvaux and regular services are held there.  It’s also a popular site for weddings!


Coming forward in time to the present, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is a collecting museum displaying works of such renowned artists as Cecilia Vecuna and Alice Rahon.  The museum also offers courses and learning opportunities for all ages.                  





North Miami is also home to the largest urban park in Florda – the Oleta River State Park.  You can paddleboard, ride mountain bikes, kayak, canoe, enjoy the beach as well as the wildlife, and camp here amongst other activities.

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