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Accessibility on Domestic River Cruises

River cruising has become one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.  The sector offers a more intimate and culture-focused experience with themed cruises.  The segment meets the demands of the Baby Boomer with five trends:  joy of discovery, meaningful experiences, traveling with family, healthy activities and hassle-free travel.

Domestic river cruises offer guests the pleasure of learning while sailing to multiple ports in the same region.  In addition, all-inclusive excursions at each port are more customized and allow the individual more leisure time to explore the area in greater depth.  Hence, the passenger can gain more knowledge of the specific region.  In comparison to an ocean cruise, the river cruise enables the traveler to view and enjoy the local scenery while sailing.

The following cruise lines offer North America river cruises:  American Cruise Lines, American Queen Steamboat Company, Great Lakes Cruise Company, Pearl Sea Cruises and UnCruise Adventures.  Guests sailing domestically will find river cruise ports paved and ADA compliant. 

The intimate experience of river cruising has been referred to as a boutique hotel which floats from one destination to another.  Although once considered to a vacation for couples, river cruises have seen a rise in families traveling together.  Baby Boomers are traveling with their parents while millennials are taking their Baby Boomer parents on a vacation cruise.  Special Needs Group is pleased to service guests in need of renting mobility, oxygen and/or special needs equipment sailing domestically on river cruises.  

Next month’s Newsletter will feature Accessibility on International River Cruises

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