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Places to Use Your FlexSafe® by AquaVault


Places to Use Your FlexSafe® by AquaVault

You may have seen our recent blog on a fantastic product called the FlexSafe® by Aquavault.  The amazing bag allows you to securely store your small valuables while you are traveling, or out and about.  You can read the product feature blog here.

There are many places you can take advantage of the peace of mind the FlexSafe affords you while enjoying yourself.

Many hotels and cruise lines do not provide a safe inside the room, or you may not feel comfortable using the one that is provided.  This happened to me when I was on a business trip.  The hotel did not provide in-room safes, but instead offered a safe-deposit type system behind the check-in desk.  I was not comfortable with that system, so I used a FlexSafe attached to the clothing rod in my room closet.  I was happy knowing that I would be the only one to have access to it there.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle that includes biking, rest assured you can take your small valuables such as money, driver’s license, keys, or other items, with you by locking the FlexSafe directly to your bicycle frame.

Do you enjoy golfing?  You can also bring along any necessities and protect them by affixing the FlexSafe to your golf cart.

How about enjoying some sunshine and sitting at a patio table with an umbrella?  Yep, you guessed it!  FlexSafe can easily be locked around one of the umbrella rungs so keep your valuables within view and safe.

Of course, if you read our previous blog, you are already aware of being able to use FlexSafe in a pool area by fastening it around one of the lounge chair’s rungs.

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