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Summer Fun – AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Cellphone Case

Summer Fun – AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Cellphone Case

What do you look forward to when it comes to summer?  Family vacations?  Have you started planning that perfect beach getaway?  How about a visit to the Big Apple?  Maybe a romantic retreat?

Picture yourself standing with your loved one, watching the most beautiful sunset on a pier extending out into the ocean.  You raise your phone to take that award-winning shot and you get bumped from behind, only to watch as your phone goes sailing over the railing and splashes directly into the water below.

This wouldn’t have happened if you had brought along your new best friend, AquaVault, the waterproof and floating phone case!  The case comes with a neck strap for convenience as well as some other features:

  • Take crystal clear pictures/videos underwater
  • Fits ALL phones
  • Retain full functionality of your phone while in case
  • Triple seal technology for zero leaks

To find out more information and to purchase, please contact Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our website at  Check out our other summer and wellness products while you are there as well!  You might want to look at the FlexSafe to keep your valuables locked up and the Joy on the Beach wheelchair to help those with mobility issues enjoy the beach and pool.

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