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Lift Chairs – How They Help/Why to Use

Lift Chairs – How They Help/Why to Use

If you, or someone you know, have mobility issues you might want to consider using a lift chair.  These chairs look and act like a typical recliner with the added ability of tilting forward to assist the user into a more upright position.  The benefits of a lift chair are many.

Transfers from a wheelchair, or a scooter, can be awkward at best and dangerous at worst.  Many injuries can happen during a transfer.  With a lift chair in the raised position, the individual can easily slide into the chair and have it do the work of lowering the body weight, reducing the stress on joints and muscles.

Using a lift chair can also boost confidence through the increased feeling of independence.  In addition, studies have shown that using a lift chair can reduce fatigue and degeneration of the lower skeletal joints resulting in helping to maintain muscle tone.

The reclining function also assists in reducing fluid retention and can increase circulation in the legs.  Heat and massage functions can also be provided adding further benefit.

Please see how you can rent, or purchase, a lift chair from Special Needs Group by calling 800-513-4515, or by visiting for purchase, and for rentals.  Check out our other options for mobility assistance as well!

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