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Scooter Etiquette

Scooter Etiquette

Surprisingly, even with the large number of scooters/ power chairs being used today, there isn’t much guidance about how to courteously operate the equipment. Here are a few tips and etiquette suggestions to ensure that trips are safe and enjoyable for everyone:

  • Operate your mobility scooter or power chair in a careful and considerate manner.
  • Use a footpath or sidewalk when one is accessible. In most jurisdictions, you are considered a pedestrian and should avoid driving on the road.
  • Move off a shared path if you have stopped so others can pass.
  • Travel at a speed that does not endanger others.
  • Similar to how you drive a car, keep right, and pass on the left.
  • Warn others when you approach them from behind, around a hidden turn or on a covered driveway. If you have a horn, use it. Some scooters/power chairs are silent and might not be heard by the hearing impaired.
  • Always look behind you, including before you overtake someone who is slower than you (you may hit someone on the side.)
  • If you get a call on your cell phone, pull over. Your driving ability becomes five times worse when your attention is on a phone call, and when you are using one hand instead of two to steer.
  • When you are in a dining room or restaurant, if you are physically able to get out of your scooter/power chair, park it to the side in the dining area.
  • IT IS ILLEGAL for you to ride, or let any person ride, in a way that may cause you or the other person injury.


To find out more about renting, or purchasing, a mobility scooter please call Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our websites to purchase, or to rent.  Check out our other rental and sales wellness items while you are there!

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