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Trouble Walking?  You Can Cruise Too!

Are you intimidated by today’s mega cruise ships?  Think that you can’t handle walking from one end to the other?  What about shore excursions?  Are you afraid you will hold up your traveling party and be a burden?  Let me assure you that you can enjoy a cruise on the biggest ship thanks to mobility scooters.

A scooter will provide you with a very comfortable and easy way to navigate the ship, no pun intended.  In most cases, the ship will allow you to take the scooter ashore when they dock at the ports.  The main exception is if tendering to a port is necessary.

Cruise ships today are very accessibly friendly.  Not only do they have accessible cabins, if needed, but the hallways are being built a little wider and more modifications have been made for passengers that use wheelchairs and scooters such as lower counters in the casinos and bars, among others.  Even the theater has areas that accommodate mobility aids.

If your heart is set on traveling, don’t deny yourself of this great pleasure!  Travel can be relaxing, informative, and fun.  Don’t let a question of mobility stop you from getting out and seeing the world.

For more information on renting a scooter, please contact Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our rental website at  You might also want to check out our shopping site for lifestyle and wellness items such as our portable and packable FlexSafe, which keeps your valuables safe while traveling, as well as our AquaVault floating phone case.  Check those out on

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