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Winter Travel Tips

Winter and holiday travel can result in stressful times whether by air or on the road. 

The following are winter travel tips to alleviate the stress of the winter/holiday traveler, especially those with limited mobility.

Traveling by air:

  • Plan ahead

Contact your travel agent to book your vacation as soon as possible.  This will allow the traveler to obtain lower airfare, avoiding peak travel dates and providing the opportunity to fly direct as well as flying as early or late as possible to avoid mid-days.  Flying in the morning as earliest as possible is extremely beneficial.   Early flights have the least chance of being effected by other airports and if your flight experiences a long delay, the options for finding alternate flights are greatly enhanced.

  • Leave an extra hour early

Give yourself more time than usual.  In cities where ice and snow are most prevalent, one can anticipate delays of two or three hours in certain situations as de-icing can take an hour before takeoff.  This will also aid in case of long-delays in security lines.

  • Pack as lightly as possible

Packing less and lighter suitcases can save time and money.  Shipping gifts in advance of your destination will limit the chance of being lost.  If taking gifts, do not wrap them, as TSA searching bags and carry-ons will have to rip the wrapping off in certain circumstances.


Winter Driving Tips:

  • Have your car inspected prior to traveling

Taking your car to the local auto shop prior to traveling and ensuring tires are properly inflated and winter-ready will relieve the stress of breaking down far away from your destination.

  • See and Be Seen

Keep your headlights and taillights clean. This will be beneficial especially driving in snowy weather.  Along with headlights and taillights, keep windows clean and make sure defrosters work well.  Remove snow from the hood of the car from overnight snow or while accumulated during a break from driving, in order not to obstruct windows. 

  • Extra clothing and emergency items

In case of breaking down in wintery conditions, pack an extra pair of gloves, weather-resistant coat and pants, boots, blanket, jumper cables, extra batteries, windshield scrapper, emergency candles and first-aid kit.

Nutrition bars and food which will not spoil are always handy as well as to remember to stay hydrated.  Sand or kitty litter can be put under tires to assist in better traction.

  • Drive slowly and make frequent stops

In bad weather, driving 50% slower than normal is recommended.  Always leave more room than normal between yourself and the car in front of you.  Just resting for a few minutes will increase your alertness as inclement weather driving fatigues the driver and stopping just for a few minutes will allow one a chance to clear his/her head mind as well as well to stretch one’s legs. 

We hope these winter travel tips will help those with limited mobility as they set out to enjoy the Holiday Season!  Enjoy and be safe!


December 19, 2016

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