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Inflammation – Soothie Cushion

Inflammation – Soothie° Cushion

You’re walking along and you suddenly trip over a crack in the sidewalk and fall.  After a few minutes, you realize you have injured your ankle.  After seeking medical attention, you learn you have sprained it and have been advised to use cold therapy as part of your treatment plan to reduce the inflammation.

Inflammation can be short-term, such as with a sprained ankle, or long-term, as experienced with arthritis.

For some people, cold therapy can have the same effect as an anti-inflammatory medication like aspirin or ibuprofen.  However, with today’s trend of seeking out drug-free treatments, the Soothie° Cushion can provide the needed therapy without medications.

This cushion features a memory foam core and a pocket on either side for the two included gel-based inserts.  You can freeze the inserts, put them in the sleeves and wear the cushion as a backpack to offer the needed relief.  You can also wear the cushion on other parts of your body, such as an ankle, arm, shoulder, or knee.  (The inserts can also be heated in the microwave to deliver heat treatment, if needed.)  It’s electricity-free mobility makes it the ideal solution in many cases.

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