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Staying Cool for Summer with Soothie° Cushion from SNG

Staying Cool for Summer with Soothie° Cushion from SNG

Do you look forward to heat of summer?  Some people can’t wait for the heat to soak through their winter-chilled bones!  Still others struggle with what can sometimes be called oppressive heat.  With rising temperatures comes the humidity that can make some days insufferable.

Now you don’t have to suffer through those crazy, sweltering days of summer!  Soothie° Cushion to the rescue!  This cushion features a memory foam core and a pocket on either side for the two included gel-based inserts.  You can freeze the inserts, put them in the sleeves and wear the cushion as a backpack to keep yourself cool.  You can also wear the cushion on other parts of your body.  (The inserts can also be heated in the microwave to keep you warm, if needed.)

A UPS driver uses the Soothie° Cushion on his route in South Florida.  He freezes both inserts and keeps one in his cooler to keep his drinks cold.  The other he puts in the sleeve and puts on the backpack to keep his body temperature regulated as he works hard delivering packages.  After several hours, once the original insert gets warmer, he switches it out for the cold one in the cooler, thereby providing himself relief for his entire shift!

To find out more information and to purchase, please contact Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our website at  Check out our other wellness products while you are there as well!

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