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The Accessibility Advocate – July 2017

July 11, 2017

From the President’s Corner!




I hope everyone is looking foward to the Summer months ahead.


                                 New Product

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SNG Destination Spotlight:  Amsterdam©




SNG New Build for 2017:  AmaKristina©





Thank you for your continued support as we continue to evolve in Delivering an Accessible World.



Keep Smilin’,


Andrew J. Garnett, CATA



Acid Reflux?  The NEW Optum-Align Mattress for Passengers @ Sea 


Special Needs Group is pleased to now provide the rental of the comfortable Optum-Align Mattress, so those sailing with acid reflux can comfortably sleep well while having one’s upper body elevated.


The Optum-Align is a solution to those traveling on a cruise with acid reflux, which requires millions to sleep with their upper body elevated.  The specialized mattress was developed by a physician and meets the recommendation of the American College of Gastroenterology.  Unlike bed wedges where the individual can slide down the slope of the wedge during a night’s sleep, the Optum-Align Mattress puts the guest in the best possible position for a comfortable sleeping experience. 










Accessibility on International River Cruises


River cruises allow the guest unique insight into countries and cultures while offering an intimate feel of the passing picturesque landscapes as most cabins face outward with either balconies or expansive windows.  The long, lean-shaped river cruise vessels travel at a leisurely rate of speed in comparison to larger ocean cruise ships which carry thousands of passengers through major, large bodies of water.  Most river cruise sailings will find fewer than 250 travelers sailing calm and smooth inland waterways.





Spotlight:  Amsterdam

The seaport of Amsterdam is the second largest port in the Netherlands behind the Port of Rotterdam.  Amsterdam serves almost 700,000 ocean cruise and river cruise passengers annually making it Europe’s third busiest.  The port is located in the center of the city in close proximity to the airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and train station, Amsterdam Centraal Station.

The city itself is one beloved by tourists young and old.  “The Venice of the North” is small enough to walk most by foot.  Rijksmuseum featuring works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, Van Gough Museum and modern works at Stedeijk Musuem are three impressive art institutions; Amsterdam is known as one of Europe’s major art capitals.  Across the street from the Van Gough Museum is the House of Bols, a unique cocktail and Genevere experience; guests are able to take a self-guided tour of Amsterdam’s oldest distillery in operation since 1575.  Along with visiting the numerous art galleries and world-famous museums, guests to the city flock in droves to the Anne Frank House.  Tickets for the landmark in which the Frank family hid during World War II in attic rooms and houses her original diary as well as additional manuscripts are suggested to be pre-purchased online due to the vast waiting lines. 




New for 2017:  AmaKristina


AmaWaterways newest river cruise vessel, AmaKristina, was christened earlier this year on May 10th in Lahnstein, Germany.  The river cruise ship is named after AmaWaterways’ co-owner and executive vice-president Kristin Karts.  As the cruise line celebrates its 15th anniversary, AmaKristina, AmaWaterways twentieth cruise vessel, joins her sister-ships AmaViola and AmaStella.




 "Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit." – Brooks Atkinson



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