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Juneau – Accessible Activities

Juneau – Accessible Activities

For most cruise line passengers traveling to Alaska, one of the cruise ports visited is that of Juneau, which boasts many different activities and attractions that can be enjoyed easily by those that might be using a wheelchair or scooter, as well as their traveling companions.  These activities appeal to all levels of interests from visiting museums to flightseeing, boat tours to history buffs.

Depending upon your cruise line, you should be able to take your wheelchair or scooter off the ship and enjoy yourself.

If you’re someone who wants to check “viewing a glacier” off your bucket list, visit the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center.  You can view the stunning glacier and see the blue icebergs floating on Mendenhall Lake.  Learn about the effects of climate change on the glacier, as well as the surrounding flora and fauna.

You can also take a flightseeing tour as most vendors are able to provide tours for those with mobility challenges.

One of the best places to go to learn about the history of Alaska is the Alaska State Museum.  You can view some of the different species of animals that call Alaska home in the “Wonderwall” at the entrance to the museum.  Stroll through the Alaska Native Gallery to discover all the different cultures from around Alaska in one well-presented space.  Wander through the Foreign Voyagers exhibit to find out about the influences of other cultures on native Alaskans and the landscape.  There is even a section dedicated to World War II and its affects on Alaska.

Experience the thrill of viewing your cruise ship, as well as the town of Juneau and the surrounding area, from 1800 feet above sea level.  Catch a ride on the Mt. Roberts Tramway for some truly Instagram worthy pics!

There are so many places and activities to check out in Juneau for those that use wheelchairs and mobility scooters that we aren’t able to list them all.  Here are a few more to look into: accessible trails and paths, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, fishing charters, boat tours, and the Alaska State Capital Building.

If you are taking a cruise out of Seattle that stops in Juneau, give Special Needs Group a call at 800-513-4515 to find out how we can help you get the most enjoyment and comfort in exploring this great destination!


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