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Corfu, Greece


The island or Corfu in Greece is the second largest of the Ionian Islands of Greece.  It is also known as Kerkyra.  The main city on the island is also called Corfu.

This area’s history dates back to the beginning of Greek mythology.  There have been many battles fought for dominance over the island and it was home to the third largest naval powers of the 5th century BC after Athens and Corinth.

Old Town is the historic center of Corfu, the city.  The area is sandwiched between the New Fortress and the Old Fortress.  

Parts of the Old Fortress complex date back to the 6th century and has a wonderful museum of artifacts from the area.  You can find more to explore here other than just the fortress.  The ancient-style St. George’s Chapel is deceiving in its outwardly appearance.  An 1800’s British barracks provides a home for the library in Corfu as well.



    On the way from the Old Fortress to the heart of Old Town, spend a few moments strolling along the Esplanade and the Liston promenade.  Liston was built by the French at the turn of the 19th century in the manner of great French palaces, while the Esplanade hosts many festivals and other gatherings throughout the year.  There is a still a cricket pitch from the British occupation that followed.   

Walking around Old Town is a delight to the senses.  You never know what you may happen across in this beautiful village atmosphere. 


    Also located in Old Town is the Casa Parlante, which is a mansion built in the 1800’s that features rooms that are decorated with period furnishings.  However, the most interesting aspect is the animatronic statues to be found.  



While still in Old Town, don’t forget to visit the Archaeological Museum.  Built in the early to mid-1960’s, the museum was originally constructed to house the findings of the Temple of Artemis of Corfu.  It has since been added to with two additional exhibition halls.


Lots of other points of interest lie outside of Old Town as well.

The Empress of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, commissioned a summer residence to be built in Corfu in 1888.  The ornate mansion was erected in the Neoclassical style with a strong nod to the hero Achilles.  Many statues of Greek gods were placed throughout the property, with the most famous being the Wounded Achilles.



On the northeast side of Corfu lies Kassiopi, a small fishing village that has become more popular of late.  It has a beautiful harbor and many restaurants to sample.   In addition, you can explore small coves lined with little pebbles or enjoy a tour of Kassiopi Castle.



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