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Mykonos, Greece

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     Like many of the Greek Islands, the island of Mykonos and its principle municipality share a name.  The town of Mykonos also goes by the name Chora (which mean The Town in Greek).  This island is known for its lovely beaches, beautiful people and non-stop parties.  However, there is more to the area than that!

The island’s nickname is the Island of the Wind and to that end several windmills exist and were built by the Venetians in the 16th century to grind grain.  They are no longer operational, but they are an infamous part of the Mykonos landscape.  

     Old Harbor is an area that sports marble quays, the Town Hall (dating back to the 1700’s), and off the waterfront slightly you will find restaurants and shops including some which sell more stylish souvenirs.  You can take the SeaBus to get there and enjoy a very short boat ride!


 Shopping on Mykonos, especially in Chora, is an adventure.  Small alley-style streets which can not support vehicle traffic offer boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, and other delights.  One of the most famous such street is Matogianna Street.      


One of the most astonishing sites a traveler can visit is a short boat ride to the island of Delos.  The legend goes that both the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis were born here so that throughout history this island has been a sacred place.  This means that no mere human has been allowed to be born, or to die here.  In modern times, the island is a vast archaeological site to explore as well as a museum building housing delicate artifacts.    




No trip to Mykonos would be completed without spending some time at one of the many beaches.  The south end of the island has the more popular beaches that are surrounded by restaurants, bars, and other beach attractions.  The north end is quieter as its beaches are more natural.  Be aware that some beaches are preferred by naturists so make sure to check first, if that’s a concern.


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