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Before Your Clients Go…

Please ensure of where the equipment is going to be delivered:


  • In most instances, unless Kiosk option was available and that option was requested, cruise ship deliveries are made to the stateroom by 2PM.

If your client does not see his/her equipment by 2PM, please have him/her contact our office as soon as possible at 800.513.4515 or 945.585.0575.



In certain instances, in which the deliveries are finished well in advance of passengers boarding the ship (especially during weekday sailings), the Cabin Steward or Housekeeping may secure the equipment for the guest and return the rented equipment to the guest once he/she boards.



For cruise ships, Kiosks are available at the following ports with respective cruise lines:


  • Miami — NCL Escape & NCL Getaway – Located inside NCL’s Terminal B;


  • Fort Lauderdale – All Holland America Ships – Located Curbside;


  • New York – All NCL Ships – Located inside NCL’s Terminal;


  • Seattle – All Holland America Ships & Select Princess Cruise Line Ships – Located Curbside.

If your client is to receive the equipment at a hotel, the equipment is left at the front desk or with the concierge (as directed by the hotel).  If your client does not have the equipment at the agreed upon time, he/she should contact us immediately.  With cruise ports being serviced prior, hotel deliveries are made by 4PM.


If outside of our normal business hours, our agent handling the “after hours” line will be able to assist.


SNG wants your client to begin enjoying his/her vacation as soon as possible!




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