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MiraBurst is a fruit berry from Ghana, West Africa which contains a single seed with a layer of pulp around the seed.  The miracle fruit’s pulp contains a glycoprotein called miraculin.  The miraculin, a taste modifier, binds the individual’s taste buds for up to 90 minutes, creating a sweet taste to those foods normally acidic or sour.


The dietary supplement is taken by letting one tablet completely dissolve on the tongue before swallowing.

The pre-diabetic and diabetic using MiraBurst experience a sweet flavor without sugar consumption; individuals can enjoy a healthy drink such as lemon in water which can taste like lemonade without adding sugar or sweeteners.  Similarly, sugar free smoothies can be made from plain yogurt and strawberries which will taste sweet without sweetners.

Moreover, the miracle fruit aids chemotherapy patients in masking the metallic taste, referred to as “metal mouth,” experienced by those going through cancer treatments.  Clinical tests have shown patients taking MiraBurst benefited almost 50% in being able to enjoy normal foods through counteracting metallic taste and food aversion.  

Along with being an aid for the pre-diabetic and diabetic as well as chemotherapy patients, MiraBurst is beneficial for a healthy living lifestyle.  In addition to miraculin, the pulp has been found to contain flavonoids with anti-oxidant properties and twelve active polyphenols.  The polyphenols can assist in normalizing blood sugar levels.  As well as assisting in promoting a healthy diet and controlling of blood sugar, MiraBurst can aid in one’s weight management program and those struggling to lose weight who desires sweet, but low calorie desserts.  The miracle fruit assists control of caloric intake.

The miracle fruit native to West Africa has been used for centuries by local tribes to sweeten acidic diets.  The natives found by eating the fruit and swirling the pulp inside their mouths taste perceptions were altered for a short term in transforming normally sour foods to sweet tasting.

The berries used in MiraBurst come from the largest consortium of farms in the world and meet all food-related handling and inspection regulations from “farm to fork.” 

Studies on MiraBurst have been conducted in China, Japan, Netherlands and United States, including the U.S. Army.  The special berry is classified as a “fruit” and in the hands of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Special Needs Group is going to offer MiraBurst Tablets for purchase in 10-, 20- and 30-Packs.  For more information, please call us toll-free at 800.513.4515 or CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW.


June 2017 Newsletter Full Article

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