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MiraBurst Taste Testing

MiraBurst Taste Testing

Are you looking to enjoy a healthier diet?  Maybe cut down on your sugar in-take because of Diabetes, or other health issues?  Or maybe you are just looking for some fun to share with your family and friends?  Host a MiraBurst Taste Testing party!  You can even do it over Zoom, or another sharing software.  It’s a great way to try MiraBurst tablets to see first-hand the benefits and have some fun at the same time.

MiraBurst is a tablet made of 100% miracle fruit.  The miracle fruit is primarily grown in Africa and possesses a substance called miraculin.  The miraculin in the fruit interacts with the taste receptors on the tongue.  After dissolving a MiraBurst tablet on the tongue, the receptors that normally would recognize bitter or sour tastes sense sweet instead.

Gather some typically sour foods and drinks such as lemon wedges, lime wedges, pickles, raw cranberries, sour cream, Extreme Sour Patch Kids candy, KoolAid packets, sour beer, apple cider vinegar, plain yogurt, or other sour items you would like to try.  MiraBurst can also make sweet things even sweeter so throw in some strawberries, pineapple, or other sweet things.

For the party, have everyone sample the foods and drinks without using the MiraBurst first.  You might want to record the reactions as they can be rather funny!  Next, have everyone dissolve a MiraBurst tablet on their tongue.  Make sure to move it around in the mouth for the best result.  This will take a few minutes.  Finally, have everyone taste the foods and drinks again after the tablet is dissolved.  Record the astonishing results!  Some foods will taste dramatically different while others may not.

The miracle fruit is currently being developed by many nationally known chefs and organizations to create reduced-sugar, or sugar-free recipes for all to enjoy!  You can even use it to cut sugar out of some alcoholic drinks such as mojitos!

To learn more about MiraBurst and how you can have your own tasting party, please call Special Needs Group at 800-513-4515, or visit our website at  Check out other miracle fruit products available as well as other wellness items while you are there!


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